Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Keepers

     A story of good versus evil with Angles and Demons...oh my.  A girl in the middle of it.  And, all  the while an exercise of the girls' own internal struggle to make sense of the universe as she knows it.  What's not to like.  Honestly, I can see why young girls would go for this one.  The girl Jessica Hunter (Jess) falls into a pit of dispare after losing her parents and flees to more familiar and happier surroundings to escape.  The family vacation town of New Orleans offers many distractions including a love interest in the form of a guy named Justin.  Now Justin's a mirror image of Jess in the way that he too is dealing with a loss of faith, not in GOD but in humanity.  He happens to have three brothers and his nemesis shares an interest in poor Jess.  So the dye is cast for a challenge of a lifetime.  Find and restore one's faith in GOD,  find and restore one's faith in humanity, battle demons who will destroy it, ally yourself with the Angles who will help, don't die while doing it all, and make true love work.  Wow.  So is there any thing to dislike about it?  Not particularly.  I mean there were some misspelled words in the first few chapters but come on that's nitpicking and expected from young authors.   Was it riveting.   Not from a guys perspective who favors movies such as Die Hard and Rambo.  This is a story about a girl.  Her internal struggles of love and life.  It is charming.  It will hook you.  And you will find yourself with it curled up on the couch for a quiet eavening.  This young author has alot to offer and will only improve as time goes on.  I hope to read more from her very soon.

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