Wednesday, November 30, 2011

blood on her bonnet

 Author Lisa Greer has hit one out of the park with a neat short story Blood on her Bonnet  Ok you know how a country song is short and tells a story with a beginning , middle , and end ?  Nice , and neat right ? Well, that's what we have here.  Only imagine your in Ireland sitting amongst a clump of trees at dusk, camp fire burning, and a local spinning a yarn about a lost love from a nearby village.  This is where the story took me. It's a story set in a religous community with a handsome young man, and a pretty young woman, falling in love.  But, the one hitch is her man loved, and lost before, and nobody knows what happened to her.  I blinked and was two chapters into it.  An easy read with a fast flow, and rapid progression.  Perfect for a quick, fun, little read.  Great story. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

stars or no stars

The wife, and I are butting heads on the topic of stars for reviews.  She says to give star ratings, or a rating of some sort, and I say stars dont matter.  See, to me it comes down to overall opinion.  Did I enjoy it?  Did it read well?  Did the story flow?  How did it make me feel throughout the reading?  Was there alot of typos? Were words used out of context?  Did I have to pull a dictionary out to understand a sentence?  Was the writing too simplistic?  Was it a dry read , or interesting?  Did the cover art have anything to do with the story?  All of this goes into overall opinion of which I share.  Who cares if there's stars?  I'm telling you if I like it, or not.  You may agree with me, or not.  If I say 5 stars, and you say only 2 who's right? Who cares?  Opinions are like, well, you know.  So for now there is no star rating unless wifey puts one up herself.  Which she may.  I will not.  I am willing to review all books, and spread the word.  And give my humble opinion. Thank you to all who have sent me copies so far.  I'm reading them all and the list is long, but bare with me. 

Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood

We all know the story of the big bad  wolf following Red, and eating grandma in the end.  As it goes there is no doubt it is a wicked tale for children.  But, cartoons make it too lite hearted, and gloss over the groosomeness of it. The latest version seen in the movies, and told here by Catherine is what we modern adults have been imagining for years.  The bad boy wolf, the innocent girl, and adults in the way.  I loved this book.  I've seen the movie, and put off reading it because of it.  Let me tell you here the book as usual is ten times better than the movie.  The writing is top notch.  The characters do come to life.  This fantasy does what fantasy  books should.  It pulls the reader in, and paints the picture for the reader making the experience come to life.  Bravo!!! Get this one for your shelf.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rue Volley's Blood and Light

Rue takes us on an interesting romp to a world with Valon a safe haven for vamps who use glamor to keep it hidden from humans but with the birth of one named Cain a war breaks out amongst the families who think humans should be destroyed and those who want to live peacefully.  Rue is herself in the book and makes a fine character the sentences were short, clear, and the format was fit for a children's book expertly done for an easy read. The story was neat, and fun.  Easy to see why she has so many fans. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

House of Night

My copy of  Destined by P, C. Cast and Kristin Cast a House of Night Novel has arrived today by post.  My lovely wife  ordered it for me because she knew  I had to have it as soon as humanly possible.  As I said before I fell in love with the character of Zoey Redbird.  A vampire high priestess who yields magic in the name of the Goddess fighting against the forces of evil along with her friends all of whom are lovable on their own play chess again against Neferet the evil high priestess bent on ruling the world enslaving humanity.  Once again Zoey or Z as she's called uses her wits to threaten Neferet's plans, but once again as is so cunning the ending is left open for another fun romp down the road.  I truely enjoy this series in that it is one of the few that hold my attention enough to read the book from cover to cover without stopping.  Now, I am a slow reader and I managed this one in about five hours.  But, I enjoyed it.  The characters are neat, enjoyable, and the writing is simplistic.  It is simply an interesting, and fun series, and if you haven't done so yet go get your copy today. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

older books

Those who know me know that I love older books.  Books that have a color to the pages from years of use and sitting on the shelf.  Books that have a smell to them  that almose tangible scent that invites you to pick it up and begs you not to put it down.  I recently took from my own library an old book I have aquired some time ago and never got around to it. Copyright 1956 when the world of men and women was clearly defined.  A time before Vietman.  A time before social engineering, metrosexuals, and sensitivity training.  It's called Jubilee by John Brick. It's a story of war. America's Civil War.  It's a love story.  It's a story of sacrifice on every level imaginable.  The author takes you on a tour in the life of a Union soldier.  A man, nothing more who must do his duty, leaving his home, his love, his family, all he knows, for the service of his country.  He makes friends that will last his lifetime.  He will lose everything he holds dear.  He will fight with every ounce of determination a human is capable of mustering.  And, in the end. The reader will cry onto the pages as history is laid before their very eyes, and are made part of what it means, of what it takes, to have the freedom, and security we enjoy today.  The writing style is of a sort that is almost forgotten today.  Truely moving, and worthy of your collection.  The 195th New York Volunteer Infantry will capture your heart in Jubilee.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two series you must have.

If you haven't gotten yours yet then you are missing out.  Two series I really like are Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, and House of Night by P,C. Cast and Kristin Cast.  In Vampire Academy Rose trains to be a guardian in order to protect the upper class of Moroi.  She falls for her trainer Dimitri, and the two of them heat things up!! Neat.  Rose is a rebel of campus not really following the rules and going on wild adventures all for the greater good.  Gets in trouble of course where lover, and friends need to help, but will they.  I won't give it away.  House of Night pits Zoey Redbird against the forces of darkness.  Unlike Rose who is a good looking  bad ass Zoey is more demure.  I fell in love with her character..  She uses magic to fight more than fists and feet, but that's her thing.  And, she's good.  There's love , and lust,  and all that's unholy, and it's a good time.  You need these two series on your shelves if you don't have them yet. 

Friday, November 4, 2011


Wow!!  The reviews for Compulsion are flying out there !!! OK !!  I didn't want to give too much away since I've been intimately involved with this one since the beginning.  So, lets get into this now that the public consumption is going on.  Lilyann Moon.  is a girl of no extordinary means what so ever until her Granny dies under mysterious circumstances.  Lily or Lilybug as Granny called her inherits her grandmother's farm,  and is tasked with continuing the family practice of witchcraft in order to defend her family against the evil vamps who want to destroy them.  Fortunately for Lily she's suppose to be this super witch.  The most powerful one in 500 years !!!   Well,  she has a lot of work to do given the fact that no one in her family supports her decision to learn the craft, or that the vampire threat is real.  Than there's the love life issue.  Lily falls for  hunky guy Mason Shaw who steals her heart from the beginning.  But, is it love made to last, or is he the enemy playing her just to get close.  I'm not telling you!!!    Compulsion is the first of a four book series.  It rocks from cover to cover.  There is something for everyone in here.  Characters to love, relate to.  Evils' to conquer.  Hearts to protect.  There's nothing missing.  And, forget about the passion not going anywhere because its too dangerous to heat things up.   Kymberlee made Lily hot without being dirty, or  vulgar.  Something that is very hard to do for any author.  Guys will fall for Lily.  Girls will fall for Mason.  And, even if they don't there are so many characters to get involved with both good and evil the reader simply is not bored.  Spot on Darlin!!!  You did it!!!!  Can not wait for book two!!!!


Another author of much celebrated merit and one I've enjoyed is J.R.R Tolkien of Lord of the Rings. I'm sure everyone has seen the movies and read the books. I just want to say thank you to Tolkien for introducing us to a fantastic world of Hobbits and Elves. By the way. Did you hear about the archeological discovery of a race of little people. It only recently made it's way into the public spot light. And they were appropriately named Hobbits. Astonishing!!

Tribute to J.K. Rowlings

Allow me a moment to pay tribute here to on of the most celebrated author's of our time, J.K. Rowling. Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter the boy under the stairs. There is a character for everyone in this masterpiece series. And all seven are treasures for any book worm to have in their collection. Thank you J.K. Rowling