Wednesday, November 30, 2011

blood on her bonnet

 Author Lisa Greer has hit one out of the park with a neat short story Blood on her Bonnet  Ok you know how a country song is short and tells a story with a beginning , middle , and end ?  Nice , and neat right ? Well, that's what we have here.  Only imagine your in Ireland sitting amongst a clump of trees at dusk, camp fire burning, and a local spinning a yarn about a lost love from a nearby village.  This is where the story took me. It's a story set in a religous community with a handsome young man, and a pretty young woman, falling in love.  But, the one hitch is her man loved, and lost before, and nobody knows what happened to her.  I blinked and was two chapters into it.  An easy read with a fast flow, and rapid progression.  Perfect for a quick, fun, little read.  Great story. 

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