Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood

We all know the story of the big bad  wolf following Red, and eating grandma in the end.  As it goes there is no doubt it is a wicked tale for children.  But, cartoons make it too lite hearted, and gloss over the groosomeness of it. The latest version seen in the movies, and told here by Catherine is what we modern adults have been imagining for years.  The bad boy wolf, the innocent girl, and adults in the way.  I loved this book.  I've seen the movie, and put off reading it because of it.  Let me tell you here the book as usual is ten times better than the movie.  The writing is top notch.  The characters do come to life.  This fantasy does what fantasy  books should.  It pulls the reader in, and paints the picture for the reader making the experience come to life.  Bravo!!! Get this one for your shelf.

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