Friday, November 4, 2011


Wow!!  The reviews for Compulsion are flying out there !!! OK !!  I didn't want to give too much away since I've been intimately involved with this one since the beginning.  So, lets get into this now that the public consumption is going on.  Lilyann Moon.  is a girl of no extordinary means what so ever until her Granny dies under mysterious circumstances.  Lily or Lilybug as Granny called her inherits her grandmother's farm,  and is tasked with continuing the family practice of witchcraft in order to defend her family against the evil vamps who want to destroy them.  Fortunately for Lily she's suppose to be this super witch.  The most powerful one in 500 years !!!   Well,  she has a lot of work to do given the fact that no one in her family supports her decision to learn the craft, or that the vampire threat is real.  Than there's the love life issue.  Lily falls for  hunky guy Mason Shaw who steals her heart from the beginning.  But, is it love made to last, or is he the enemy playing her just to get close.  I'm not telling you!!!    Compulsion is the first of a four book series.  It rocks from cover to cover.  There is something for everyone in here.  Characters to love, relate to.  Evils' to conquer.  Hearts to protect.  There's nothing missing.  And, forget about the passion not going anywhere because its too dangerous to heat things up.   Kymberlee made Lily hot without being dirty, or  vulgar.  Something that is very hard to do for any author.  Guys will fall for Lily.  Girls will fall for Mason.  And, even if they don't there are so many characters to get involved with both good and evil the reader simply is not bored.  Spot on Darlin!!!  You did it!!!!  Can not wait for book two!!!!

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