Monday, November 14, 2011

House of Night

My copy of  Destined by P, C. Cast and Kristin Cast a House of Night Novel has arrived today by post.  My lovely wife  ordered it for me because she knew  I had to have it as soon as humanly possible.  As I said before I fell in love with the character of Zoey Redbird.  A vampire high priestess who yields magic in the name of the Goddess fighting against the forces of evil along with her friends all of whom are lovable on their own play chess again against Neferet the evil high priestess bent on ruling the world enslaving humanity.  Once again Zoey or Z as she's called uses her wits to threaten Neferet's plans, but once again as is so cunning the ending is left open for another fun romp down the road.  I truely enjoy this series in that it is one of the few that hold my attention enough to read the book from cover to cover without stopping.  Now, I am a slow reader and I managed this one in about five hours.  But, I enjoyed it.  The characters are neat, enjoyable, and the writing is simplistic.  It is simply an interesting, and fun series, and if you haven't done so yet go get your copy today. 

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