Saturday, November 12, 2011

older books

Those who know me know that I love older books.  Books that have a color to the pages from years of use and sitting on the shelf.  Books that have a smell to them  that almose tangible scent that invites you to pick it up and begs you not to put it down.  I recently took from my own library an old book I have aquired some time ago and never got around to it. Copyright 1956 when the world of men and women was clearly defined.  A time before Vietman.  A time before social engineering, metrosexuals, and sensitivity training.  It's called Jubilee by John Brick. It's a story of war. America's Civil War.  It's a love story.  It's a story of sacrifice on every level imaginable.  The author takes you on a tour in the life of a Union soldier.  A man, nothing more who must do his duty, leaving his home, his love, his family, all he knows, for the service of his country.  He makes friends that will last his lifetime.  He will lose everything he holds dear.  He will fight with every ounce of determination a human is capable of mustering.  And, in the end. The reader will cry onto the pages as history is laid before their very eyes, and are made part of what it means, of what it takes, to have the freedom, and security we enjoy today.  The writing style is of a sort that is almost forgotten today.  Truely moving, and worthy of your collection.  The 195th New York Volunteer Infantry will capture your heart in Jubilee.

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