Sunday, December 25, 2011


So, how was everybodys Christmas?  I hope Santa was kind to you all.  I know I haven't posted anything for a while, but that's because my honey do list was immense.  I had to walk away from reading time, and time again. And, since I am the type that likes to read a book cover to cover undisturbed that just wont do. I will not just skim a book for something to write.  An author deserves a just, and honest review by someone who knows what they are talking about.   So, Christmas Eve after all was finished I reread this little guy.   

Starting out with a female tourist in a foreign land she is convinced by a sly store owner to purchase and take with her a small ornate box that promises to deliver her dreams.   Did she have her dreams realized, and live happily ever after.  That's too simple isn't it?  What would you say if murder was involved?  Was it?  I wont say.  Once the box revealed itself to her however she was then stuck with it.  It ends up in her son's hands named Walt who finds out for himself how manipulative it can be. Will it destroy him?  Can a police detective put an end to what's happening in town without being destroyed himself?  So many questions.  Native Americans, and in fact native people from the world over since the dawn of time have legends of spirits inhabiting inanimate objects. The native Americans believe to this day in a type of tree that is  sacred, and if it is cut down evil things will happen.  They believe they're ancestors can be heard on the wind, and they're souls travel on spirit paths such as the underground springs in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  This story puts a little twist on the old legends.  And, takes the reader on a thrill ride.  The cover is totally cool eluding to the story.  The writing is for the adult reader.  This author's style is direct, and pulls no punches, so curse words are used. Not my taste,  but seemingly unavoidable these days.  The scenes he creates for the reader are vivid, and exciting.  I do recommend this one for anyone interested in the paranormal or just a real good ghost story.   I am going on to read the follow up Northwest, and I can hardly wait to get into it. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Orphan Anvil

My son fell in love with this sweet little read.  Surviving on the wilds of the land and existing on a raft floating down a river like Huckleberry Finn old man Will , a boy named Sonny and his dog Ranger have to battle the dark sorcery of a wicked old lady bent on ruling a destroyed land.  A land torn apart by a war between science and magic the science of building robot droids to help humanity and the magic made to destroy it by the wicked old woman herself.  There's an orphanage where Will built his last robot droid the old woman sent off in a terrible storm trying to destroy it along with homes and families.  Orphans the woman controls with her dark sorcery using them like slaves.  Very Indiana  Jones like with Will and Sonny playing the parts of Indy and Short Round in the Temple of Doom only with a dog they set off to free the orpphans from the witch's spell.  Finding a friend along the way a girl named Kelsey who proves invaluable in helping them out along with devine intervention from her ghostly mother!!!!  They give the old hag a good thrashing.  They battle creatures of the witch's making oil slicks and dust covered ghosts called stone traders.  This book is a quick and easy read for anyone.  The chapters are short and the story flows along nicely like the Mississippi.  Anyone who wants to inspire their kids to read should turn to this one.