Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Orphan Anvil

My son fell in love with this sweet little read.  Surviving on the wilds of the land and existing on a raft floating down a river like Huckleberry Finn old man Will , a boy named Sonny and his dog Ranger have to battle the dark sorcery of a wicked old lady bent on ruling a destroyed land.  A land torn apart by a war between science and magic the science of building robot droids to help humanity and the magic made to destroy it by the wicked old woman herself.  There's an orphanage where Will built his last robot droid the old woman sent off in a terrible storm trying to destroy it along with homes and families.  Orphans the woman controls with her dark sorcery using them like slaves.  Very Indiana  Jones like with Will and Sonny playing the parts of Indy and Short Round in the Temple of Doom only with a dog they set off to free the orpphans from the witch's spell.  Finding a friend along the way a girl named Kelsey who proves invaluable in helping them out along with devine intervention from her ghostly mother!!!!  They give the old hag a good thrashing.  They battle creatures of the witch's making oil slicks and dust covered ghosts called stone traders.  This book is a quick and easy read for anyone.  The chapters are short and the story flows along nicely like the Mississippi.  Anyone who wants to inspire their kids to read should turn to this one.