Sunday, January 22, 2012

about publishers-beware

When wifey came to me and said she was ready to be a writer I was very, very pleased.  She's written all her life always carrying around a notebook, and pen.  Always jotting down ideas that popped in  her head.  I knew she'd hit on a winner.  I knew that if she could follow through with it she could write forever bringing to the masses many entertaining stories.  Naturally, I was all for it.  She wrote Compulsion, and then came up the whole how do I get it on book store shelves question.  A publisher?  Well one publisher approached her saying how wonderful the story was, and how it was the next big thing.  They had offices in America and London.  They would handle everything.  And, she would maintain control of it all.  Yea right.  Not only did they try to back out of what they promised they tried to withdraw monies from her bank account for work they were not authorized to do.  One guy got fresh with her then when they were called on all this they cut off communication.  Just disappeared.  Then she got out of that mess, and talked to another.  Seemingly real people with much in common. Supposedly with their own radio show with sixty five million listeners.  Supposedly able to publish and promote for any one who joined them.  Okey doky, not.  Turns out they paid for their air time, but didn't pay the bill was no where near the audiance number for the show any way. They could not publish as they promised so wifey did it herself.  They lied, they stole, they lied some more, and when wifey broke from them it was the best thing that could have happened.   Wifey and I are editing, thanks to classes, self publishing thanks to investigating the how to parts of it. And, things are now moving forward. It's ashame said publisher has tried to derail our efforts since we left by acting childish.  They tried to access accounts using past pass words.  We were notified of the attempt. Dummy.  They like just to unlike trying to knock down ratings.  We can see it.  Dummy.  They write trash on line trying to discourage sales.  We can see it.  And, we can tell who's writing it. Dummy.  And, to top it off they contacted distributors telling tall tales so they wont do business with us.  We were notified.  Didn't work.  Dummy.  So, beware.  Beware of publishers who promise the world.  Beware of those who try to be friends.  If you fall in with such publishers run for the hills.  It should be a business relationship, and nothing more.  Just business.  Protect your pass words, and maintain your abillity to break the contract at any time.  And if you go indy and self publish it could be the best thing that ever happened to you.  All the best, and much success.  The End.

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