Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little backround on me

I'm  in my late thirties.  I've been with the same woman who is  my loving wife for over thirteen years.  We have a highly intelligent, and handsome son of nine. I've got over 10 years on with the state, and i  love my job.  But, ask anyone, and I work for my wife.  I graduated high school, and I was a terrible student, so I took some collage classes after.   I taught karate since I was twelve.    Ended up with a back round in police investigations, and security.  Life at home is warm, pleasant, and loving.  Wife had a dream of being a writer.  I completely support her ambition, and she  has since produced Compulsion, and is working on many others.  Kid is a prodigy, and is looking forward to a career as a cancer doctor.  I've always wanted to  be a country music artist, and I've written a couple hundred songs.  With any luck I'll produce a cd for Christmas maybe sooner.  For now I'm trying to help wifey as much as possible.  Genealogically speaking I'm an unofficial U.K representative.  Completely Scottish on my mother's side.  The Fraiser clan.  And, both Irish, and English on dad's.  Completely American.  So, as life goes on I'll review books here because I love to read, and wife will write, and kid will get A's, and as writing slowly takes over more and more of life I'll enjoy  bringing you the common man's perspective.  Unless the Steelers are playing, Thank you for following this blog, thank you to those many of you who have submitted books for review, and thank you to those of you who have shown love, and support to wifey.   Now you'll have to excuse me, son has scrabble set up. Darn it.  He always beats me at scrabble.

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