Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Pirate Princess

  Wow !  I can't believe how much I enjoyed The Pirate Princess.  It's a children's book !  But, wait there's more !  Big World Network has it on audio on line ! Tawn Krakowski author, and narrator of this magnificent little gem has a clear, soothing, yet engaging, and entertaining voice I just loved listening too. I did not at all find it childish, or boring, or tiring in the least.  I was instantly hooked,  at first by the title, and then by the courage of a very brave eleven year old girl.  Tasked by a family legacy to sail the seas under the guise of having been abducted by pirates who would be under her fathers employ the king of Pufftania.  This to insure she will have no one interfering with her quest.  Only young princess Penny once she is aboard her fake pirate vessel doesn't know who to trust fully feeling in her gut that there is a spy among them.  Her legacy of a map handed down for three hundred years, and under her care for being the ninth royal child of the line in her family leads her through a stormy sea  to a devilish island.  Here she'll explore until she finds an oasis in the heart of a volcano, and with time suspended by a mermaid learn the true nature of why she had to undertake such a perilous adventure.  The story just heats up as the spy among her crew is revealed, swords are drawn, people are stabbed, and the treachery is afoot.  Can Penny save herself, and those of her crew who are loyal to her?  Can they stop the evil plan of a wizard from three hundred years ago who was thwarted once before from destroying her family, and ruling Pufftania.  This story rocked with grace, charm, and I love it. I lounged on the couch listening contentedly while drinking my tea one segment at a time.  This format has some real appeal for those who want to do something with their hands while still getting reading in.  Well done !  Very well done !

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