Thursday, March 22, 2012

review trolls

     Beware the review trolls lurking in the shadows, stalking the web for fresh new books to sink their claws into.  Why call them trolls you may ask? Simple. They are the most vial, wicked, nasty, slimy, viscous, evil creatures out there if you are an author seeking an honest review of your pride, and joy book. They are trolls because they don't bother to even read the book they are allegedly reviewing. Trolls can't read. And, skimming through a book looking for pictures doesn't count. Trolls are dumb, stupid, grotesque creatures that want nothing more than to ruin an authors chances for success jealous that they were unable to write anything in coherent sentences themselves. You will know if a troll has posted a review of your work by the way they complain about parts of the story that don't exist anywhere except for in the infantile imagination of their puny troll brain. If you have been a victim of a troll review please tell your friends, and band together to rid the intellectual community of these dark beasts. Our strength is in our numbers, and the trolls are now on notice. 

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