Saturday, March 10, 2012

Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Evie is at it again. She left IPCA to have a normal life with her not so normal boyfriend Lend. But, when her old boss Raquel tracks her down, and offers her reemployment our bored to death with normal life Evie just can't refuse. Ahh, but she's still an empty one, and all the paranormal world may still hold a destiny for her. She tries to pick, and choose missions she really has no choice in, avoid the ever persistent faery Reth, and juggle her school, work, and social life in the real world. Evie finds having her cake, and eating it too difficult to say the least. Evie takes us with the help of a mischievous boy named Jack on adventure after adventure dodging trolls, socking vamps, and avoiding the Unseelie queen's Ire, well almost. She had a nice boat. Evie is endearing with snarky comments you'd picture a teenage girl to make, an emotional basket case, a loyal friend, and a fierce fighter. One of the greatest joys of reading is to be drawn into the story, and picture yourself right there with the characters. To see what they see, and to experience what they feel. Kiersten accomplishes this brilliantly.  I enjoyed this as much as the first, and look forward to a third.

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