Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Dog Detectives by Fin & Zoa illustrated by Monika Suska

Lost in London is a wonderful children's book featuring adorable, lovable, dog detective jack, and his deputy Poco Loco. The Ravens at The Tower of London have disappeared, and it's up to this perceptive duo to find them.  According to legend the Ravens have mystical powers, and protect the kingdom. Their absence spells disaster if they are not found, and returned. Fortunately for our detectives they get hot leads from Rat Riddler the self proclaimed eyes, and ears of the city. This is an entertaining, and beautifully illustrated book for kids of any age. The book is huge making the pictures large, and colorful. The colors are bright as cartoon stills, yet have a warm feel as if done with water color paint. I would have loved, and treasured this one if it was mine as a kid. I highly recommend this for your little boy, or girl. It's simply charming.

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