Monday, May 28, 2012

the odessa file by:Frederick Forsyth

Let it not be said that I am a fan of YA fantasy books, but every so often I have a taste for something shall we say without hurting any feelings here more mature. Meaning books written before my time. Like the odessa file.  And no I haven't forgotten to use caps. It's written that way. All lower case. Published in 1972 which is before I was born.  Mr. Forsyth intertwines the very real life story of SS Captain Roschmann with that of a head strong reporter by the name of Miller (no relation) who seeks to find the self exiled Captain, and bring him to justice. Because of Mr. Forsyth's knowledge of events, and that time period not only from living in London, but as a Reuters, and BBC reporter, and as a RAF pilot undoubtedly with his own list of contacts he can call to meet in a pub for a pint. The reader is brought to the time, and place described in exacting detail throughout the story.  And, what a story it is.  According to the publisher Roschmann's story is backed by SS, and West German Records.  Anyone with a love of history particularly WWII history will wonder how much of the thrill of the chase is  fact or fiction? Which characters are real? Which are not? For it's already known that some are. Miller thinks it'll be no big deal to track down a man in hiding. He learns quickly he'll be against the men of the odessa former SS men themselves, and hired sympathizers who don't play well with others. Does Miller find his man, or end up floating in a canal. If you've never read odessa now is the time. A note of warning however. If you've never read, or spoken German before you may struggle with some of the town names in the book. but, be assured they are real places as described. And, the writing style is not what one who is new to reading would be use to. Be brave. Challenge yourself to read, or as in my case to re-read, and re-read again a master's work.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oceans of Red Volume 1 by:Willow Cross

During an earthquake a great seal is broken allowing evil demons to come forth. Inhabiting people in order to take over the world the battle to save humanity is on. Demons turn into smoke, and enter their victims bodies turning eyes to red, and forcing them to do their bidding. The battle isn't going well as even the United States ceases to exist.  Lead by an old Navy Admiral remnants of the human resistance are on their last legs. But, the Admiral's daughter Remy a teenage girl gifted at hand to hand combat, her monstrously strong brother Greg, and her Einstein brilliant sister Shan have a plan. It's dangerous, and they may all perish, but it is their only option. If they're successful they'll have the upper hand. They may even have help in the form of a Druid named Daelen whom even the demons seem to fear. Entertaining, and a quick read. Oceans of Red rocks it from start to finish. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birthright by Willow Cross

Liz s a newly turned vampire thanks in part to her new found love Michael, and both are in trouble before the council. Liz is whisked off to a cell thinking she's doomed, but nope. Just wanted to read your mind to see if you could keep our secret sweetie. Quirky little things like that carry on throughout the tale making it a delight to read. Who knew vampires had a sense of humor, or were so human?  Liz finds herself on the cusps of a revolt in the vampire world. She must find out all about how to be a vampire, and how to fight against those who plot to over throw the current rulers of the vampire nation.  She must feed on occasion, preferably not on the innocent, pursue her love interest, learn to use magic, fight demons, possibly become queen, and save the world. A tall order you may ask? Not if you are Liz. And, not if Willow Cross is your author.  Willow as always packs a punch writing in a lot of this and that to create a fun story of vamps, witch craft, and wizardry that will have you passing the time with a smile on your face. Willow has fast become one of my all time favorite authors who's stories I actively seek out. I've yet to be disappointed with her work, and don't imagine you will be either.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Afterlife by: Willow Cross

Willow is one of very few authors that can pack a-lot in a short story. Afterlife has got it all. It starts with a young Confederate soldier, Private William Townsend discovering himself as a ghost after being fatally shot in the head. William becomes embarrassed when a very beautiful girl by the name of Miss Angelica whom he mistakes for a fairy princess happens upon him while William is cursing his efforts to throw himself back into his body.  It was hilarious.  Miss Angelica turns out to be a vampire living a secluded life in a large cabin in the woods, protected by her mother who wishes her hundred year old daughter to remain seventeen forever, and the muscled up Michael.  William is smitten by Miss Angelica's beauty and decides to hang around her as she seems to be the only one who can see him, and because she seems to know more about what he can do as a ghost than he does, They spat like young lovers do.  And, she throws temper tantrums at her mother like teenagers do.  She disobeys, and runs off because she is self assured she knows all only to run into a town populated by werewolves. Danger is all around, but wait there's help from a couple of witches named Marie, and Damien who are blessed with the gift of sight, and know of their situation. What will happen? I can't tell you. I can only say that this book,  this short story,  this gem of a tale was a delight to read.  The men characters were written like men.  Not some metro sexual , cross fairy , cross thing, and as a man I appreciated that. The women characters were alluring, and behaved as women do according to my own experience, and I also appreciated that.  There's magic there's intrigue, and I loved it, and can't wait for more.   

Sunday, May 6, 2012

HAUNTED MOON by Kymberlee Burks-Miller

We all got a taste of what Kymberlee Burks-Miller could do when she released her debut novel Compulsion. And, we all fell in love with it instantly as evidenced by all of the artwork, personal stories, and volunteerism of fans from all over the world. In the beginning of the story we met  Lily, The teenage girl main character who would go on to become a powerful witch leading her Moon Coven  against evil vampires.  Lily receives a cell phone call from her dad. He gives her the news her grandmother had died. From that moment on the story  escalated into the phenomena we know today. But, who was her grandmother? Aileen-Fionna Moon, or Leeny as she was called by her loved ones was much loved by Lilly.  And, we all felt our heart strings pulled for the grandmother lost.  But, we never really knew her. Who was she really? What kind of a witch was she? Was she particularly powerful? What kind of person was she? Kymberlee didn't leave us hanging. In fact she seems to have planned in advance with a witches intuition of her own. Haunted Moon is Leeny's story. Starting from the time she was a child.  We get to see the family dynamic of how she interacted with her parents. We see the love of family. We even see the spats between Leeny, and her younger sister. We get to see how Leeny comes into her magic. The training under her Mom's tutelage.  And, we even get to see her fight.This novella is a treasured glimpse into Granny's beginnings that every Compulsion fan must have. Even better news is that right now Kymberlee is reworking Compulsion into an absolute masterpiece with added scenes, details, and a vibrant new cover that should be available around the same time her second novella comes out , Harvest Moon. There is much  more from Kymberlee coming our way soon. You can follow her on facebook.  Kymberlee Burks-Miller/Author.