Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birthright by Willow Cross

Liz s a newly turned vampire thanks in part to her new found love Michael, and both are in trouble before the council. Liz is whisked off to a cell thinking she's doomed, but nope. Just wanted to read your mind to see if you could keep our secret sweetie. Quirky little things like that carry on throughout the tale making it a delight to read. Who knew vampires had a sense of humor, or were so human?  Liz finds herself on the cusps of a revolt in the vampire world. She must find out all about how to be a vampire, and how to fight against those who plot to over throw the current rulers of the vampire nation.  She must feed on occasion, preferably not on the innocent, pursue her love interest, learn to use magic, fight demons, possibly become queen, and save the world. A tall order you may ask? Not if you are Liz. And, not if Willow Cross is your author.  Willow as always packs a punch writing in a lot of this and that to create a fun story of vamps, witch craft, and wizardry that will have you passing the time with a smile on your face. Willow has fast become one of my all time favorite authors who's stories I actively seek out. I've yet to be disappointed with her work, and don't imagine you will be either.

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