Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oceans of Red Volume 1 by:Willow Cross

During an earthquake a great seal is broken allowing evil demons to come forth. Inhabiting people in order to take over the world the battle to save humanity is on. Demons turn into smoke, and enter their victims bodies turning eyes to red, and forcing them to do their bidding. The battle isn't going well as even the United States ceases to exist.  Lead by an old Navy Admiral remnants of the human resistance are on their last legs. But, the Admiral's daughter Remy a teenage girl gifted at hand to hand combat, her monstrously strong brother Greg, and her Einstein brilliant sister Shan have a plan. It's dangerous, and they may all perish, but it is their only option. If they're successful they'll have the upper hand. They may even have help in the form of a Druid named Daelen whom even the demons seem to fear. Entertaining, and a quick read. Oceans of Red rocks it from start to finish. 

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