Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Forth Protocol by : Frederick Forsyth

In this age of Obama politics I yearned for a time gone by I remember with fondness. A time when the lines between good and evil were more clearly defined. A time when the leader of the free world was one to be admired for his courage and not because he is a likable black guy. A time when same said leader didn't apologize for his own country. A time when nuclear war depended on the chess moves of the worlds military might. I'm talking about the time when  America and its allay's were pitted against the U.S.S.R. West verses East. I found such a time period in the pages of The Forth Protocol. A story about Russia's attempt to take over the British government using it's top spy to set off a low yield nuke at an American air base in Briton. Just in time for British elections. Just in time to sway public opinion to support a party more in line with Moscow's interest than Briton's  and America's. Such a disaster would have people calling for American troops to be sent away along with nuclear disarmament leaving all of Western Europe defenseless against soviet aggression. Enter MI5 and MI6 to track down the spy. discover the plot, and save western civilization. GOD save the queen. I've long been a Forsyth fan and this one deserves as much attention today as it did the day it was published. If only to remind us of where we all came from. 

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