Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Phantom of Manhattan by: Frederick Forsyth

I've been in a Forsyth mood lately.  In The Phantom of Manhattan Mr. Forsyth continues the story of the classic Phantom of the Opera. A story most only know from twentieth century movies, and plays. It's a story created by a Frenchman long ago utilizing the Paris opera house. The only conceivable opera house in which a phantom could exist. Details of the opera house are revealed like the seven stories of it that are below ground the lowest of which comes to an underground lake formed by water over the years seeping into the foundations. It's a love story that picks up where the old story leaves off explaining what happened to the phantom? What happened to the songbird he fell in love with? What happened between them before she was rescued? It's an impressive tale of resilience, of secrets, of love and passion that never dies. It's a quick read that will tug on your heart strings and leave you smiling in the end at how Mr. Forsyth neatly wraps this one up. 

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