Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Tale of 3 Witches by: Barbra Annino and Christiana Miller

A wonderful witchy read.  The ghost of Tillie MacDougal great aunt of Mara Stephens, a young witch with plenty yet to learn, and her live in gay roommate Gus are off to save the world.  Leaving Mara's magical baby behind(the result of a possessed romp), with Paul, (reluctant daddy), Mara, Gus, Tillie, and oh yes Gundleshank, (ghost frog), are full speed ahead to the Geraghty Girls House.  A B&B run by witches Birdy, Lilly, and younger witch Stacy who is a sceptic, but also is (the seeker of justice).  The threat is of a soul seeker running about on All Hallows Eve who wants  to feed the souls of unsuspecting trick or treaters to a hungry demon soul eater in order to bring about hell on earth.  With magical wands, and swords flashing it's a night they'll not soon forget.  Aside from minor punctuation errors, (the dreaded comma), and a couple, (two) words that didn't belong the story rocked the reader along as if on a roller coaster for little ones at an amusement park.  It would make a great bed time story for little ones to read to themselves before turning out the light.  It was up beat, the language was colorful at times, and enjoyable enough that I read it straight through.  A talented author well worth your time. 

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