Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Apple for Zoe: by- Thomas Amo book one The Forsaken

A twisted tale of murder, and lies.  San Francisco Detective Thomas James looses his best friend Detective Michael Kirkland while on investigation of a not too common homicide, and is drug through hell. Literally, where he is raped  by demons, and forced to witness the most heinous of evil deeds.  But, was the whole hell thing real, or induced hallucinations brought on by a former Nazi who gets his kicks from gassing the innocent.   All is not certain. He is also faced with the wicked murder of his own child hood crush. And, it is up to him, the F.B.I., his loving Captain (a mother figure), and a strange former K.G.B. agent to figure out how the devil himself is playing his part in a series of murders through the last century.  It's a rightfully entertaining story for the genre of horror fiction.  And, it is an honest first attempt at a debut book from a former theatrical play writer.  The reader will have to excuse the editing for that step seems to have been skipped.  There are missed words, and punctuation errors everywhere, and it was for that frustration that I did not read it straight through.  However, it is  a story I found myself going back to in my spare time to read what happened next, and it serves the purpose of a brief perusal very well.  I recommend you check it out.  And, give this budding author a chance to scare you.   


  1. Thank you Bryce! I am of course forever embarrassed about the editing. I actually paid an editor....and to my own horror..saw..very little actual editing was done. No excuses though...I'm working to fix those errors and answer every question I posed in book one in the next installment.
    Cheers, Thomas Amo

    1. Bravo to you Mr. Thomas, and I'd like very much to read your next work. Bryce