Thursday, October 18, 2012

Compulsion by K.B. Miller

K.B. Miller has brought Compulsion back bigger and better than ever. A hot new cover just in time for Halloween, thousands of additional words, and a new character direct from Irish lore, a brogadh. A being that goes around killing vampires.  There's a character for everyone to like in this one.  At it's heart is a forbidden love story between Lily, a newly empowered witch fresh out of high school, and a hot vampire named Mason, who's been around a while.  No one is sulking or glittery in this one.  And, Lily is not timid or scared. She is the epitome of a young girl who's been handed an incredible amount of stuff to deal with, and she goes about it  in a female John Wayne fashion by kicking butt as she learns and grows along the way.   In this tale Lily's family is from Ireland, and they are all witches, and they are suppose to kill the vampire abominations. We find out in the back story that it is due to one of their own creating them in the first place performing magick gone horribly wrong trying to save a loved one.  And, the vampires want to kill the witches, blaming them for their existence , no matter who they are, and take their powers.  And, there's more.  The vamps have help from an evil witch named Maylee.  If the vamps succeed they will destroy humanity and rule the world.  Only  the witches of the Moon Coven stand in their way.  It was Lily's grandmother Leeny Moon who protected them all and led the coven of old.  But, Leeny is killed, and Lily must take her place, and learn about her magick, and protect her family which makes up her coven, and teach the new generation of witches about their magick, and protect the town from hungry vamps, and themselves, and they have to do it by Halloween or it'll be too late. Oh, and Lily must decide if the guy she's crushin on "Mason" is a good vampire, or is in league with the enemy.  K.B. Miller writes with a fresh, vibrant imagination that captures the reader from the first sentence to the last, and at this rate is destined to become one of the greatest female authors of all time. Compulsion is her debut novel, her baby, and there are ten companion novellas, five full length novels, and a book of shadows to come in this exciting series. To tantalize her readers the first Novella "Haunted Moon" is available as a free download, and has been number one on amazon's YA books list for some time now. The author like her character Lily Moon has a bad case of A.D.D., and is diligently working on a number of other series simultaneously when she isn't guzzling coffee, or answering interviewers from places like Romania, Japan, India, and London. I only named four because she did thirty just last weekend alone.  You can read about her series and place your orders at Congratulations K.B. Miller and thank you for adding so much entertaining fodder to the world wide fabric of literary art. 

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