Friday, November 16, 2012

Debt of Honor: by Tom Clancy

Every once in a while I make up my mind to get into a real book. You know one of those kind your hands get tired of holding because it's so thick.  And, Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor with 766 pages about fits that mold. A story of American military might and ingenuity pitted against an enemy that never forgot.  The Japanese.  It's a  complicated plot to take over the world both financially and militarily.  Each piece of the puzzle performed in plain sight, yet so subtle no one puts the pieces together until it's too late.  No one that is of course, but Jack Ryan the new head of National Security to the President of the United States.  Clancy brings, as readers of his work already know, a level of detail inexperienced readers may find a bit dry, even boring, but for those of us who love tales of espionage, spy vs. spy, or global domination, it's that level of detail, that level of expertise, that weaves the story so well.  It's what makes Clancy's work so good. 

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