Friday, November 16, 2012

Hidden: by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

The latest in the House of Night series continues to deliver the drama with Zoey Redbird and  her circle of friends.  Once again it is up to them to do battle with the evil Neferet, and the darkness she has allied herself with.  It is Neferet's plan to rule humanity, but first she insists on trying to kill Zoey  Redbird.  Zoey is the young high priestess gifted by Nyx with an infinity for all the elements, and is the only one in Neferet's way.  It wasn't enough for Neferet to kill Zoey's mother, so now she will go after Granny.  The source of Zoey's strength, and ancient Cherokee majick.  Even with her circle of besties they simply may not be able to battle back the shadowy, snake like tentacles at Neferet's command.  Zoey may have an unlikely ally.  Kalona, her one time enemy.  Can Zoey get over the fact that Kalona killed her one time love Heath?  Will  Zoey's circle hold even if someone decides to leave? Yep. There is one who thinks she is done with the whole make a circle and battle evil thing.    Will Zoey quit?  She hasn't quit yet, but then again, grandma was never facing certain death before. It may all be too much.  She'll have to dig deep to find what she needs to come out on top in this, the greatest battle of her life. Always entertaining.  This is a delightful, and cleverly written story from cover to cover.  A must have for any reader.

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