Friday, December 14, 2012


I'd like to take this moment to think about the families in Connecticut who lost their loved ones today.  All our prayers and love are with you. As we grieve we must remember that there is evil in this world. And only good people who are prepared to combat it can stand in its way.  The faculty of the school unarmed and with only their convictions of right and wrong confronted that evil and lost their lives.  The fireman next door to the school ran to the scene unarmed, but prepared to help.  The children ages five to ten completely defenseless cared for, and comforted each other, and as one report said directed friends away from danger. I have mind to start a nonprofit that will place an armed security guard in every school in the country. No matter what grade level, no matter where they are.  I don't know if it's logistically possible. I'd like children to  have at least one gun to protect them when evil comes. We can no longer leave them defenseless.  We can no longer turn our backs and pretend it wont happen to us, in our town, with our kids. It's time we provide a last measure of defense for our children, as a community, as a country. The nonprofit idea would be responsible for raising donations to pay for training, back round clearances, and salary for armed security. perhaps it can be broken down to state and local levels where each community takes care of its schools as they currently do in part with police.  Perhaps it can be done nation wide with legislation. Perhaps we can do something. I think for now in the short term every police and security department should volunteer man hours to staff schools in their areas. And, I think the legislation route may be in order for the long run.  So, contact your congressman, senators, or the White House and ask for help to defend our kids.  This doesn't have to happen again.  One trained officer with a gun could stop evil next time. 

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