Friday, December 28, 2012


 Recent events have caused me to write about my desire to have legislation drafted federally providing armed guards in schools nation wide.  If you've read my last two posts on this subject than you already know my reasoning.  Which is as I've said "Only a good person with a gun can put down a bad person with a gun." Or as Wayne Lapierre of the NRA paraphrased "Only good guys with guns can take out bad guys with guns." Unfortunately the NRA leading the charge for this has seemingly put the idea at odds with the anti gun crowds.  I mean the NRA has the resources, and good for them, but I've seen news stories already putting forth talking points opposing it.  They say there was an armed guard at Columbine and it didn't help.  True, but the gun was brought in secretly by a student who opened fire in the cafeteria during lunch.  The threat wasn't known and forcing their way through the front door like at Sandy Hook.  Clearly an armed guard would have been a better defense at Sandy Hook than the women who rushed the gunman unarmed.  GOD bless them. Those women are heroes.  Sadly they were no match for the gunman.   The kids didn't have an option in that situation.  They didn't have a defense at all.  I also heard the argument that more guns don't make things better.  That's all well and good, but when shit hits the fan guess what it takes to bring things to a conclusion.  More often than not it's cops with guns.  Look at the world we live in today.  Not with glasses of an imagined utopia, but with clarity.  I have had some exposure to police and security professionals.  Cops have to qualify annually with their sidearm.  The ones I worked with went to the range regularly.  At least once a month.  The security professionals I know are mostly retired cops or former military people who not only shoot regularly, but also seek out additional training in threat assessment, target acquisition, and handgun combat tactics.  The security field is fiercely competitive. Who protects your money in the bank? A guard with a gun. Who protects your businesses money in transport? Guards with guns.  Who protects your property? Your home from invaders with guns?  You do with a gun and the cops that respond to your calls for help with their guns.  Every year people successfully protect themselves, their loved ones, and strangers from harm with a gun.  If you doubt it, or can't find such stories because the news doesn't report such things you can contact the NRA. They keep an annual list.  Moving on.  Who protects our politicians? Secret Service and cops with guns. Who defends nations when invaded by hostile armies?  The American soldier and our allies with guns. It's just the world we live in today.  We have laws in place to screen gun buyers.  We have laws in place to allow psychologist to send in a letter to law enforcement banning gun buyers deemed a threat.  There's no way to determine when someone is going to wig out and go on a killing spree.  We can only be prepared for it. Support legislation on a national level to put armed guards in every school lobby in America.  Don't say it's logistically impossible.  They use to say the same about the postal service.  Are you really going to tell me that this country can recruit, screen, train, and post agents for multiple agencies such as the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Defense, but we can't staff schools?  Get serious.  Let's get it done. 

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