Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips

  An interesting story about that bump in the night that scares kids to death.  Giles spin a tale about a beastie on the hill outside of town that comes looking for children to eat.  The kids all cry when he comes to they're home, but  beastie does too.  He tricks them into thinking he only wants to play, and when the kids come out of hiding he gobbles them all up, but not little Pete.  Pete runs to get his Gran who chops the beastie open with her ax freeing the children, and turns the beastie into beastie stew.  It's hilarious to see the pictures of an ax wielding granny and a pot of beastie stew in the end.  The story really is cool.  I read it with my boy here, and although he's nine, and long since left this kind of reading behind he thought it was funny too.  I liked it, and recommend it for anyone who has a gran, and is wanting a way to make the little ones feel better about sounds in the night. 

North West by J.H. Glaze

As any other typical guy who gets a kick out of violence I was more than willing to read a book about aliens ripping it up in North America.  An initial look at the plane, and claw marks on the front cover, and the comments on the back, and  I thought to myself "Ok, so a bunch of people will fly up north, and get eaten by aliens.  Maybe someone survives to tell the tale.  The End."  Well yes, and no.  Picking up where The Spirit Box left off we find detective John Hazard all stressed out from his past experience, and turning paranormal investigator in San Francisco, but first he needs certification, so he takes a class on the subject, and falls  for a girl in the group running from her own problems.  Mob types that want her dead for witnessing a murder. The class is run by professor Macy Renner, and to complete the course with an A she's leading her students on a field trip to investigate an area where hikers, and planes have gone missing.  Renner hopes to find an answer to her sister's child hood alien abduction.  Reflecting San Francisco's circus like environment there are people from all walks of life  to deal with.  There's a stripper, thug type wannabes, and transsexuals.  Everyone has issues of their own, and for this trip they are prepared for anything.  Well almost.  They may not be prepared to be an alien smorgasbord.  This book is enjoyable for the same reason you'd watch action adventure films.  All, and all it's a cool little story delivering exactly what you'd expect with a little cultural diversity to mix things up a bit.