Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Bloody brilliant! The devil is  truly in the details with this gem of a tale Julie perfectly blends parts of real Irish folklore about the fey (fairies) with Shakespeare's Mid Summer Nights Dream taking Goodfellow (Puck) from the play and working her own bit of glamour (magic) to make a lovely story about a girl named Meghan Chase who lost her father as a child and so was brought up by her mom and her step dad Luke a pig farmer. Ethan her four year old half brother and their dog Beau a german shepherd are her only concerns Until her brother is switched with a changeling by fey and she is led into the world of the nevernever (fairyland) by her guide Puck. The Erlking Oberon (her father) as it is discovered wished she never found her way into the world of fairy as he presides over the Seelie Court of Arcadia a warm colorful part of the fairyland because his enemies may use her against him  In fairyland everything has a price She's already bartered her life with a talking cat and escaped being dinner to hungry trolls. She's lost her heart to the winter prince of the Unseelie Court who is as likely to kill her as whatever took her brother, and the dangers just keep coming. I could curse this author for I love stories of this type, but seldom am I satisfied with the level detail provided talking about such things. This is the first in the series, and I am hooked. The pictures she paints with the words make you feel part of the adventure.  You see, feel, and taste what the characters do.  You are drawn into the land of fairy with them. Complete submersion, and that is something I love. I was satisfied with what was presented, and at the end I hungered for more.  We won't discuss editing for I've yet to see a YA book that is perfect, but the number of errors I discovered can be counted on one hand.  This story is fabulous, fantastic, exceptional, and wonderfully written.  I love it.