Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

Banished to the mortal world for the pursuite of love young Meghan Chase, and the former Winter Prince Ash are off to confront the new false Iron King who is destroying the Nevernever, and bring him down once, and for all. But, Meghan's not just blindly running into the frey this time.  She's convinced Ash to teach her how to fight, how to use her glamour, she's tired of being helpless. She has unfinished business with Leanansidhe the exile's queen who has helped her before, giving her refuge in her manor. However, Meghan has learned Leanansidhe has also been keeping her dad among the humans she's collected over the years for her own amuzement. The dad who had raised her as his own, and disappeared when she was very young. The Puck is there to keep things light, but it will take more than pranks to bring down the Iron King's army.  Alliances must be made. In the world of the fey promises must be kept. And, in the end someone must sacrafice everything to make things right.  The Iron Fey series is a carnival ride of love, laughs, excitement, and surprises.  I expected the writing to drindle letting detail wayne, but no. Julie keeps up her craft honerably.  Not perfect, but the text mistakes again can be counted on one hand which puts her head, and shoulders above most in her field, and makes the reading truely enjoyable. This is a set I would be happy reading again, and again. 

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is held at the Unseelie Winter Court in Tir Na Nog. Brought there by her supposed love Ash the winter prince son of Mab the queen who is at odds with her father Oberon the Erlking of the Seelie Summer Court. Poor Meghan is forced to endure the cold torment of her less than hospitable host.  That is until the scepter of the seasons is stolen from Mab's thrown room.  A traitor is at work as swords clash, and blood is spilled sending the seasons out of balance  The Winter and Summer Courts to war, and Meghan on an impossible quest to find who stole the scepter, and return it. She isn't alone as old friend Robin Goodfellow (the Puck) ever by her side protective as always tries to win her heart with a grin, and a joke, but Meghan only has eyes for Ash who Puck must fight in a desperate battle to the death. Somehow they must work together to help Meghan find the scepter to stop  the war all the while facing the even more imposing threat of a new Iron King. Though Meghan killed the original Iron King another has risen to take his place.  Only with the help of Grimalkin a cat sith who turns up only when he feels like it, and who's help always comes at a price, and a mighty Iron fey warrior former enemy Iron Horse, and a host of other banished characters in the In Between will she have a chance to make it out of this adventure alive. The Iron Fey stories bristle with folklore, myth, and legends.  Clearly the author has done her homework, and clearly if complete submersion in a world of fairy tales, and dreams is what your looking for than you will love book two as much as you loved the first.