Monday, February 27, 2012

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Book four the last of The Iron Fey stories is an emotional roller coaster ride to the End Of The World. That's where Ash the Winter Prince who swore himself to his love Meghan Chase the new Iron Queen must journey in order to fulfill his promise to her.  His promise to find a way to exist, and thus be with her in the Iron Realm.  Ash knows he must journey to the Testing Grounds at The End Of The World.  There he can hope to win a soul of his own which will make him a mortal, and thus iron won't harm him.  With a soul he could be with his Meghan, but his former love Ariella is also there tormenting his heart, and Puck is there not making things easy as he's professed to love Meghan as well. Many decisions, and sacrifices will be made.  Thankfully Grimalkin the cat seith is there to keep things in order in true I don't care if you live or die cat fashion. That is if he doesn't get eaten by their other more menacing companion The Big Bad Wolf who's along on the journey with his own agenda in mind.  I was delighted to read this story.  I was upset.  I was happy. I was most of all sad that it is now over, and there is no more.  I want more.  I can imagine another series just begging to be written.  Maybe the fans of The Iron Fey can convince Julie to give us more.  This set has become one of my favorites that I know I'll read again, and again.  Well done Miss Kagawa.  Well done indeed.