Friday, March 16, 2012


Some of you who have reviewed my back round know that I spent a number of years in the service of a particular police agency. Some of the finest people I ever had the pleasure to know worked with me. At the time psychology was a hobby of mine. I used it to understand my surroundings, and the people around me. I wanted to know what deep seeded motivations drove people to do a job that is for most intolerable. I'm not talking about the modern day Roman Centurions patrolling their assigned area dolling out tickets to raise revenue for their masters. That's where they all start. Granted that's all some of them will ever do, but no I'm referring to the ones who try to catch the real baddies out there. In an unprecedented study of seven years devoted to observation, and informal interviews I've come up with four types of cops. In no particular order here they are. First, is The Bully Cop. They imposed their will when they were younger, and they look at having a badge, and gun as a way to impose themselves now. They walk with a swagger sometimes trading their issued side arm for a larger, flashy one. They will shout down a citizen, and are fast to react violently. But, they are usually really good at giving out tickets on a daily basis. Often setting new department records.  Type two is The Coward Cop. These people have a genuine fear of society. Afraid of strangers, afraid of who might have a gun. Fearful of burglars, of car jackers, of dogs. They are not the ones you want pulling you over for a speeding ticket as one wrong move on your part, and you'll find yourself full of holes. They often perform their jobs with gusto providing they have backup. Otherwise they will avoid confrontation. The third is The Drifter Cop. These people usually have a military back round.  They applied to various departments, and companies after the service and their police agency just happened to call first. They passed all the tests, and now they're cops. They're generally laid back, easy going, sociable people.  They won't volunteer to do too much, but they will go with you to a local bar for a beer. The forth type is The Hero Cop. These are the ones driving the tires off of their cars to get to the scene first. They often had  a positive experience when they were younger involving law enforcement, and are looking to return the favor. They want to do the job because they're looking to make a difference. They are usually very helpful. So, there you are. Take it for what it's worth.