Sunday, May 6, 2012

HAUNTED MOON by Kymberlee Burks-Miller

We all got a taste of what Kymberlee Burks-Miller could do when she released her debut novel Compulsion. And, we all fell in love with it instantly as evidenced by all of the artwork, personal stories, and volunteerism of fans from all over the world. In the beginning of the story we met  Lily, The teenage girl main character who would go on to become a powerful witch leading her Moon Coven  against evil vampires.  Lily receives a cell phone call from her dad. He gives her the news her grandmother had died. From that moment on the story  escalated into the phenomena we know today. But, who was her grandmother? Aileen-Fionna Moon, or Leeny as she was called by her loved ones was much loved by Lilly.  And, we all felt our heart strings pulled for the grandmother lost.  But, we never really knew her. Who was she really? What kind of a witch was she? Was she particularly powerful? What kind of person was she? Kymberlee didn't leave us hanging. In fact she seems to have planned in advance with a witches intuition of her own. Haunted Moon is Leeny's story. Starting from the time she was a child.  We get to see the family dynamic of how she interacted with her parents. We see the love of family. We even see the spats between Leeny, and her younger sister. We get to see how Leeny comes into her magic. The training under her Mom's tutelage.  And, we even get to see her fight.This novella is a treasured glimpse into Granny's beginnings that every Compulsion fan must have. Even better news is that right now Kymberlee is reworking Compulsion into an absolute masterpiece with added scenes, details, and a vibrant new cover that should be available around the same time her second novella comes out , Harvest Moon. There is much  more from Kymberlee coming our way soon. You can follow her on facebook.  Kymberlee Burks-Miller/Author.