Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook, terrorists, and human decency

As our country moves ahead following the aftermath in Connecticut, and as we discuss ideas on how to safe guard our children in the future, let us not be dismissive of measures because they cost too much.  Make no mistake.  There isn't a terrorists in the world that hasn't noticed how badly America hurt because of this incident. Only a good person with a gun can take down a bad person with a gun.  There may be copy cat crimes in our future.  Terrorists may make our schools their new front line.  So, I am a proponent of armed guards in our schools.  All of our schools.  No matter the grade.  No matter the location.   I think our children deserve that last full measure of security to protect them, and by time for local authorities to respond.  In terms of logistics and budgets this may seem a daunting task.  The good news is that police and armed security officers are everywhere.  They are vetted and trained already.  And, they are comprised primarily of people who have an innate desire to help.  If asked I'm certain they will donate man hours to schools out of human decency and the kindness in their hearts.  We are a generous people we Americans.  We help each other.  We protect each other, our friends, strangers on the street, and our children.  We put armed guards in banks to protect money.  Lets do the same for our kids in schools.  Contact your Congressman, your House of Representatives, The White House.  Lets get legislation going to protect our kids. It's up to us America.  It's up to us to protect the future.