Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The amazing K.B.Miller author of The Moon Coven Series

There are few who haven't heard of K.B.Miller author of The Moon Coven Series  by this point. Since she burst onto the scene she has been a tireless promoter of independent authors,  being one herself, even going so far as to create a video blog titled self publishing 101 on her website h  She has produced a unique novel titled Compulsion, the first of a five book set in what is called The Moon Coven Series, the set will be accompanied by several novellas two of which are out now titled Haunted Moon, and Harvest Moon.  She is off and running on another series titled Super Natural Society, and another book titled Ghosts From My Past, not to mention because she has a little attention deficit thing going on, thank God, a hosts of other projects which she's working simultaneously.  There will be children books as well as adult books coming.  She has learned the ins and outs of this complicated, now highly technological field of endeavor, for long gone are the days of a simple type writer with ribbon. K.B. Miller spends every waking moment seemingly in her pink plaid , and owl decorated bat cave working off of multiple computers at once switching between story lines and playing with graphics. I didn't mention graphics did I? That's right she learned how to do those to.  She's designing her own book covers.  She says it brings her peace. It's her down time while sipping on her favorite caffeinated beverage. She's been spotted with three open laptops in front of her all going at the same time. She's even learned the delicate art of promotions with some kick ass merchandise featuring her book titles and her highly well known twitchy witchy kisses trademark.     Keep in mind she hasn't done all this on her own.  She's had a lot of help from fellow authors, of whom she loves and adores, two of whom have collaborated with her to bring two new ideas of her's to fruition.  Barytales with Willow Cross and Jennifer Malone Wright and Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse again with Jennifer Malone Wright.  Such collaboration has not been seen before.   K.B.Miller has a  tenacity all her own to keep going, a will to succeed, a drive to keep pushing, to learn all about the modern writing world in order to pursue her dream of being a published author, and persevere.   She deserves the respect and admiration that she is receiving, and the writing world is blessed to have another prolific author added to their ranks expanding the literary fabric of our world with her works.  We look forward to much more entertainment from the amazing K.B.Miller.

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