Wednesday, February 6, 2013

gay marriage, morality, our government, and taxes

   Ok, lets get into one of the most religiously, controversial issues in our built on Judeo-Christian society.  It's one that's loaded with passion on both sides of the argument.  I love a good argument.  First off let me be clear on my position.  I do not agree with it.  Why? I'll tell you in a bit.  Keep reading. Since the dawn of civilization, man and woman have united with intentions of coupling to procreate children. Archaeologists say the first hunter/gatherers clustered together with those who looked like themselves, and communicated in much the same ways.  They felt comfortable enough to live together in caves, then huts, then they built villages, then towns, cities, and finally civilization.  The men did it because the women probably asked them to.   All the while reaching for something more, trying to better themselves, their future, the future for their children.  Enter religion. In all its forms it stressed rules for living, for the good of human kind, for the good of civilization.  Then Jesus came along, and got crucified bringing about the most popular religion of all Christianity, and the most refined rules for living good, living right, for the betterment of all by GOD.  Just so happened this is what the founding fathers of America supported at the time of our birth, and the drafting of our Constitution.  Not that they were good Christians themselves.   Despite all the problems past and present anyone can look around the world and come to the conclusion that America is the place to be.  People here live better with more choices in all things. We have more open space with roads and bridges to see them with, more food in our shopping centers, more shopping centers period, more cars, more clothes, more shoes, more places to buy them expensively, more places to buy them cheap.  We have more charities, more people giving away more things than any other place on earth.  We have more freedom of expression, of religious beliefs, and more rights than any other people any where. The other side of this however is more taxes, more legislation, by more people with money who have learned long ago that with money, any legislation may be drafted for a vote.  And, with more money, more lobbyist can be brought to bare on the population to gain favor for selfish ideas of which may have previously been thought of as wrong, evil, obscene, or perverse.  Money is at the heart of every human endeavor after all.  Enter our beloved government who's sole purpose in life is to grow and make those in charge of it richer every year.  No matter what side is in charge the government has grown.  It grows with every crisis, with every argument, with every complaint.  It never stops growing, trying to solve every ones problems.  That means more legislation, more laws, more restrictions on freedoms, more taxes.  Aah, we've come to taxes.  Started during the World Wars to pay for the making of war, and cemented repeatedly in place every year since because it's part of government, and government only grows.  Government likes to grow and take care of itself.
It takes money to run a government and taxes provide it.  And, those in charge get richer every year.  So, when the gay crowd , ah hell lets not be afraid of calling them what they are here.  Gay in the dictionary means happy, and they certainly are not happy with all the venom they direct towards society.  So, when the homosexuals cry to the government that they want to be treated like every body else, meaning like normal men and women who are married in church under GOD and recognized by the government as a family unit because the government of these United States is founded on Judeo Christian Values, thus entitled to inheritance of property, and monies of their deceased spouse under law. And  who taxes those monies?  Government that's who.   When they realize the only way to get there is to wage an all out war on the societal norm and change it to suit their own selfish, pervasive life style, and going so far as to equating them selves with blacks of the civil rights era, claiming they are fighting for equality.  The government doesn't care, they're going to tax them as a twin income earning family unit. No, it's the church going heterosexuals that get slapped in the face here.  When sensitive, kind hearted, naive, people buy it, and start putting them on television, and electing them to public office, and teaching our children that it's ok.  That they are just different. That's where we must draw the line.  Now hear this.   Homosexuals are not, I repeat not a race of people. They are perverse in their thinking and sexual activities perhaps, obscene in their appearances as well as their public behavioral displays certainly,  but they are not a race of people.  They are simply trying to force society to conform to their own selfish pervasive way of living so that they can feel normal themselves.  Keep in mind why they do not like to be called homosexuals.  It's because the definition of homosexual means mentally retarded, at least a few short years ago it did. No different than any other group with lobbyist trying to change what is proven to work, trying to tear down what generations have built with strong backs and blood.  There are no records of wussy gay men building sky scrapers, dams, and bridges.  Girly men have not through out history contributed in any way to bettering the standard of living for society in general, nor have they an honored history of defending home, family, or country.  At least not until recently for in this modern age of warfare one isn't really required to get dirty.  No, they can dress up in snazzy uniforms and target bad guys utilizing a video arcade type game system operating a predator half way around the world.  Hardly heroic. I prefer to call those homosexuals pushing legislation in attempts to change societal norms, and laws "Domestic Terrorists".  They wish to force society's hand so they can blend.   They want to force acceptance of their way of life. Not unlike Alquida. They have resorted to forced change.  I do not care for change just for the sake of it.  I do not appreciate forced legislated change by a group who's life style I do not support.  I do not appreciate seeing their perverse displays on television, or having their way of life taught in schools. This country was founded on Judeo Christian Values because that's what works best and our founders knew it.  That fact means it's ingrained in the very existence of this nation, and that is the argument.  To go against it is to be a hypocrite.  It means all other values, laws, rules we live be on moral standing are up on the chopping block.  Are we really willing to live in a country without them?  Hell, then, go to the Middle East, or North Korea.  Now there is argument that the Bible is silent on homosexual marriage.  No it isn't.  One with a brain can plainly read in the Bible it's definition as that between a man and woman.  Do you not think wacky people existed back then? That is why the definition is there.  That is why is plainly reads homosexual behavior is a sin. Trying to rewrite a religious text in order to win your argument wont do. You can't rewrite and erase from the minds of moral people that which has been around for centuries.   Now progressives want to help.   It is not progressive to support that which is perverse, and obscene, and illegal. Sodomy is illegal in most states last I checked.  Now you want to talk of humanism? Just another made up term to help champion the perverse.  And, it doesn't fly.  Nothing against them wacky people as human beings.  We humans do wacky things.  But, I don't have to support the wacky things everyone does.  That's my privilege being an American.  The bible said don't do it.  And, that's good enough for me.  It's been good enough to build everything we hold dear.  And, that is why I do not agree. You may wonder what religious affiliation I am.  I call myself an Irish Catholic.  I know they aren't necessarily recognized by the Roman Catholic Church of England, but I don't hold with Rome's history of hiding away accused child molesters fleeing from the law.  As they did with a man from Maryland not long ago.  I also feel it's my GOD GIVEN RIGHT to drink, cuss, and fight.  I don't turn the other cheek.  I hit back.  It's my policy.  All in all I think the Catholics have most things right.  Hey, to each their own.  I'm not here to push my beliefs on anyone.  By the same token I demand others keep theirs to themselves.  Go establish your own country with your own form of religion if you wish.  You have my permission.

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