Thursday, February 7, 2013

gun ban or no gun ban what difference does it make?

     All right, everyone is basically in agreement that our Constitutional right to bare arms is important, but not everyone is in agreement to what degree of importance it should be held.  Lets look at some differing view points for just a moment to clarify how we stand.  Start with why it's there.  The founding fathers thought it important enough that the citizenry be able to defend itself from a hostile government.  Is it relevant today?  The Germans thought so.  Hitler disarmed the population before rounding up undesirables for mass extermination didn't he?  We all know how that turned out.  The Russians thought it an obstacle enough during the cold war to take an American invasion off the table as a feasible plan.  One former K.G.B. agent once said they could handle the military aspect all right, it was the armed citizens that worried them.  Do citizens need to have the same weapons the military uses?  I would say yes.   However, citizens do not currently have open access to military weapons.  The so called assault rifles available in local gun shops do not typically have military grade gun barrels.  What's the difference?  Military grade gun barrels can withstand sustained rates of fire with heavy caliber rounds that your typical civilian copy cannot.  A civilian version will heat up faster causing the weapon handler to allow said weapon to cool down.  A soldier can't very well march down the street in a hostile city and say "wait a few minutes bad guys, the gun barrel is getting to hot.  Let's resume in a little while."  Personally I've found old fashion revolvers, and Winchester rifles and shot guns to be much simpler to point and shoot.  Remarkably that ease of use never goes out of style and one tends to hit what they aim at. Think of this.  Your sitting at home in your underwear drinking a beer after a hard days work in your lazy-boy, and BAM three guys in ski masks bust in your front door.  What makes you think that your going to get to your precious machine gun, engage it, bring it to bear, and bring the situation under control.  How conceited are you? How mentally deranged can you get? The three dudes will rush you, beat you to death, and take your machine gun as a trophy after maybe raping any women in the house and killing your children. A loaded revolver on the end table next to you however will at least allow you to get off a shot or two.  At least you'll have a chance.  Maybe the invaders flee.  Maybe a neighbor hears the shot and calls the police for assistance.  Make sure you practice reaching for it and aiming.  Any man can be taken down with one well placed shot.  You need a thirty round magazine to shoot someone than you need to sign up for a combat action shooting course.  You need a lot of practice.  You probably don't need to be handling a gun at all because your psychologically imbalanced.  Here's another real world situation for you.  Your laying in bed with your significant other, and you hear a bump in the night.  What do you do ? Think now.  The bad guy is down stairs in the dark ready for you to come down the steps in your underwear likely unarmed to "see " what it is.  Your done.  You were shot while coming down the stairs.  Your woman is rapped, and killed.  Your children are killed.  And, your gun collection is now in the hands of baddies.  What you should have done is had a dog.  A good dog barks when people come to the house, and barks an awful lot when people break into the house.  A good big dog attacks people who burst in your door.  Most dogs need to be trained for this, but it is instinctive for most breeds to protect their family.  What you should have done after hearing the dog bark is grab your shotgun, got on the side of the bed farthest from the door with your love one, pointed the shotgun at the door, while your love one calls the police on a cell phone.  No one is going to harm you in that position.  Got kids? The call to the police should be happening while you take up a position between you and the kids while staying low using the walls for cover.  Under no circumstance do you go downstairs to engage the burglar , or burglars.  Wait for the police to sound the all clear.  Oh, don't laugh Mr. and Mrs. or Ms. law , government, politician person.  Law enforcement don't need them either.  They seldom ever fire a shot doing a home invasion.  Usually only one shot is fired.  No way in hell a team can't accomplish the same task with a revolver in hand instead of the machine gun shit they carry now a days.  You all need practice too if that's what you think. I remember an incident where multiple state police fired at a white van during a pursuit in Annapolis, Maryland where legislators do the states business.  They hit the door of the building where said legislators were exiting at the time.  Not one bullet hit the van according to an officer who reported it. Those were semi autos which they practice with all the time.  Throwing lead in the general direction of your target doesn't mean you will hit it.   There's only one situation where a machine gun is an asset, and it is this.  When you know the enemy location, and you want to keep them where they are, that's when a hail storm of bullets comes in handy.  On the other hand.  A good scoped rifle properly used can shoot the enemy in the head.  Each well placed shot puts the odds in our favor.  You don't get off the hook either militia people.  Because unless you got access to some serious military assets your little group parading around in the woods are no match for an Apache gun ship, a missile from an unmanned drone like a predator, a tank, or a cruise missile from any old navy ship or submarine in Uncle Sam's arsenal.  You really think your going to be able to do something if the President wants you toasted?  The most you can do is hide in a hole. You folks out there preparing for the end of civilization need to be committed to a psychological hospital.  You are baboons.  What makes you think that your going to be in your bunker if the country gets nuked.  Your more likely to be stuck in traffic, and that's where you'll be incinerated as you listen to the incoming countdown on the radio of your ford pinto.   Come on people have a little faith.  We got the Army, Navy, and Air Force watching everything twenty four seven, and they can shoot missiles down.    So, in closing you can't touch the Constitution, gun bans are useless, machine guns are worthless, militias are ineffective, and Uncle Sam can do as he pleases and there ain't a thing anyone can do about it without starting a civil war.  But if you start a civil war you better have some of those Apaches, ships, tanks, and subs on your side.  I don't think that's very likely.  Now, off you go.  You want security my recommendation is to get a noisy dog and a six gun, or shotgun.  And, have a nice day. 

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