Monday, April 1, 2013

Where did my beloved English language go? I remember a time not too long ago when I could go to a dictionary either from the stores or on line and look up any word I wished.  Now they're not there.  I inquired about this, and do you know what the book store people said? "I don't know what to say sir." So I did a little more digging, and do you know what my librarian said?  "I don't know what happened sir." So, I started looking on line at the standards I use to turn to before I had my own laptop years ago.  Guess what? Not there no more.  Each one I looked at gave me answers I knew to be wrong, or said they didn't exist.  Really? Then I ran across an excellent article telling about different types of dictionaries.  Prescriptive, and descriptive as it turns out.  The prescriptive is what we older folks remember, they are hard to find, hard to obtain.  Mine from the nineteen thirties and sixties came from an antique book store.  Descriptive dictionaries are all the ones you see on line now that let you use them for free.  They are the ones hijacked by progressive liberals, with definitions altered i.e. the word homosexual meaning mentally retarded, try finding it on line if you don't believe me.  This is the argument which started this little journey of mine when I was asked for my opinion on homosexual relationships, and I answered they were mentally retarded.  I was challenged for my view, so they looked it up on their phone, and mentally retarded was not there. It had been deleted along with a whole host of others thought to be derogatory in any way.  They are found in prescriptive dictionaries, and as I said, older ones from antique book stores   And, here we are.  I did a study on books written from the nineteen thirties. I wrote down all words which I thought were no longer in use today, and I came up with a notebook with words from A-Z. Perhaps I'll put them into a proper book form at a later date.  I'll title it "The Forgotten English Language" , I'll have to check the copyrights on that. 

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