Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hornet Flight

I have come across an author that's been around for quite a while.  I was perusing the library book shelves looking for something old (at least for me) and there I saw Ken Follett novels.  I picked up the one closest to me and it's title was Hornet Flight.  I thought alright I like planes and it seems like it's set in the WWII time period.  Interesting enough for me.  Well, I loved it.  In German occupied territory a school boy bright enough for a high price private school, but not bright enough to stay out of trouble unwittingly discovers the Germans have developed a top secret radar system in his back yard, and are using it to devastate allied bombers.  He decides to risk everything to get the information to Briton by rebuilding an abandoned to storage hornet moth bi-wing aircraft, with the help of his gal pal, and flying it despite the Nazi occupation and Luftwaffe patrolled skies.  Intermingled in this tale is spy vs. spy story, a love affair for good guys and bad, tragedy that makes you think all is lost.  In the end bullets fly and so does the hornet.  The author excellently includes the start up of one of the most successful undergrounds for Jews of the period with the founders being the most unlikely of heroes.  I'm getting another Ken Follett book and will be ordering this one for my book case.

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