Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pinheads and Patriots

     Bill O'Reilly, as always hits you with backed up FACTS.  I had no idea he was an ardent collector of presidential memorabilia.  I'm talking letters written by the our nations leaders own hands making his points about them being a pinhead or patriot crystal clear and irrefutable. This is, but one section of the book, but it is my favorite.  He also hits on people of influence both in the political as well as the entertainment arenas.  And, fun, fun, fun, there is an unedited interview with then Senator Barry Obama. Barry was his boyhood name according to Bill.  I'll be calling him Barry from now on. I love the photos in this book showing the people of interest in the book as well as the photo copies of letters from the author's private collection.  As I said. Backed up with facts. Now remember Bill is a libertarian.  Not a conservative. Not a liberal. That means he tries to be fair to everyone.  Rush Limbaugh might accuse him of riding the fence and not picking a side which makes him a pacifists. So what. He went to collage and didn't go to Nam. He made a lot of money honing his skill set.  That's life in America.  The liberals remember accuse him of being far right because he's executive producer on FOX with Sean Hannity. Again  so what if they're morons. Bill presents his case, backs it up with documented facts, and goes after everyone.  So, if you've got blinders on, prepare to have them ripped from your face.  I love this book.  I'm only sorry I didn't read it sooner. 

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