Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The key to Rebecca

  Ken Follett, an author I've come to like, an author I am sorry to say I didn't discover until recently, created an outstanding spy novel with The key to Rebecca.  There are just so many books.  Sorry Ken, I'll get to the rest.  This book is very 007.  A German spy slips into Cairo, Egypt during a time Rommel is trading fire with the Brits. A British officer is tasked with finding him, only no one knows what the spy looks like, who he is, or where he's hiding out.  Somewhere out there the smooth talking, well dressed, German is smiling at the bumbling British while drinking wine, eating caviar, and bedding the most beautiful girl in Cairo.  You almost want to root for the German in this one, only his ruthlessness keeps him just outside the soft spot in your heart range. He has a radio and a secret code to send messages to Rommel, and intelligence from a nit wit Britt who doesn't even realize he's being used until it's too late.  There's a bit of depravity in this read, a bit of sex, and a hair raising chase which brings everything to a head, and an end.  I enjoyed this one.

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