Saturday, June 29, 2013


                                   YOUR RACIST !!!! DON’T YOU MEAN PREJUDICE??

Ok, let us start with the fact that racist is not a word.  At least not in a real dictionary.  No, I’m wrong you say? When was the last time you actually looked in a real dictionary.  I don’t mean the free on line versions which are descriptive, modern day ignorant forms, run by liberal progressives who are on a never ending mission to rewrite the worlds voacular in an attempt to erase all words that are offensive, or not in keeping with their ideal view of how life on earth should be as seen through their socially engineered prism.  Or, the various ever evolving versions of the same  which make up words every day that never previously existed to describe current day slang. No, I’m talking about a real, prescriptive, complete works from Oxford University, in London England printed in the 1930’s.  Do you know that the so called dictionary in your home is not complete?  You hold it, a single book in your hand, and yet you cannot find the word your looking for, or the definition of a word is not what you remember it to be. The real complete set of The Oxford Dictionary which you will find in the reference section of a well- stocked public library is comprised of twenty volumes each the size or bigger than that thing you set your coffee on so that you don’t mark the table in front of your couch.  The term racist is a modern day term which did not exist in the eighteen hundreds when work on what we know as The Oxford Dictionary was begun.  And, it wasn’t called The Oxford Dictionary back then either.  Racist came about fairly recently and started out meaning according to the free descriptive types one who believes one race is superior over another.  Hitler would have been called a racist accurately. Today it has evolved yet again to suit the desires of those who wish to use the term, evolving to say- one who hates  or discriminates another culture of people.  Ok, fine you say.  No, it’s not I say because it’s wrong to begin with firstly to make up words as you go along because you are too stupid to pick up a book and read.  Secondly, to understand your own fucking English language, and lastly, to utilize said fucking words in their correct fucking context.  You fucking morons.  All the while the word prejudice is sitting there, and guess what it means.  One who discriminates, shows intolerance, and bigotry.  All the while people in the media, and this is what I cannot understand because media types went to college and know this, they are using racist when they should be saying prejudice.  I am prejudice towards those who refuse to read because they are too lazy to pick up a book.  I am also prejudice against swimming with sharks.  I will exercise extreme prejudice against anyone breaking into my home by shooting them dead with my gun.  People who are bigoted against others because they look different or act different then themselves are prejudice, ignorant, assholes.  I could say that they are also stupid, but ignorant means stupid, you idiot. An idiot and a moron is an ignorant, stupid person, and it is bigoted to exercise prejudice towards them. It is also prejudice of you to exercise in any fashion bigotry towards me for pointing out an obvious fact.  The fact that we live in an increasingly ignorant society.  And, I hope that it changes soon.  

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