Sunday, August 18, 2013

A History of the English Speaking Peoples by Winston S. Churchill

Churchill for Americans I believe is hardly known to us today.  Most older Americans remember he was in charge of England during WWII, but don't know how or why, and seem to think he was a drunkard.  I loath ignorance which is why I prefer books written prior to the 1960's.  You know before revisionist came out trying to rewrite history, before politicians tried to make citizens stupid by socially engineering a dumbing down of the nation through "legislative reforms."  I don't like stupid people, and stupid people are those who take things at face value without getting off their asses to look things up for themselves.  I learned never to listen to what people say on the radio or television because their only telling you what they want you to here.  Read.  Churchill was indeed a miserable student until he got into military college nevertheless he could read and write which is more than can be said for most American children today, and once in collage he found himself along with his interests.  Churchill was an incredibly well read man who committed a life's work to the study of the origins of his nation, it's people, their chronicles, their legends.  This is one of the most comprehensive bodies of work available to historians and history buffs alike anywhere.  All reference material is duly noted throughout on the bottom of the pages.  It is a four volume set that should still be on the shelves of your local library.  We the freedom loving English speaking peoples of the world have much to be thankful to Churchill for, and this is just one more example worthy of that thanks.  Visit the Winston Churchill museum in Fulton Missouri or in London England.

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