Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Delta Decision by Wilbur Smith

An older book of fiction, I know, but I like such things, and this one has a modern type of war theme going for it which I always find entertaining if written well, and although the author of this one doesn't know a great deal about bullets, their velocities, or terminal impact effectiveness it nevertheless is an entertaining work with a James Bond meets chuck Norris story line.  Peter Stride is a man in the military second in charge of an elite anti terrorist global operations unit who loves to go in charging with weapons hot, but is hampered by the political maneuvers of his superiors and the governments he's tasked to work with.  When he crosses the line and is let go he slips away into retirement in order to quietly live out his remaining years only to be recruited by a sexy woman with ties to big business and designs to make him her play thing while he finds himself an unwitting pawn playing the part of a hired assassin.  He is to be the loose cannon going after the most dangerous of terrorist questioning his alligences to his country, is mistress, his old bosses, and himself.  All in all an intrigue worthy of being pulled off the shelf and having the dust blown off of it. 

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