Friday, August 23, 2013

The Party of disappointment is the party of hate

    Let us review shall we for the sake of our memories and for the sake of history, for it bares repeating from time to time just so the revisionists on the other side don't get too full of themselves since they're having everything their way right now.  Let us start with the fact it was the Republicans not the Democrats who championed freedom to vote for blacks way back in the 1860's while at the same time pushing for then making the U.S. Army accept black soldiers so they could help fight for their freedoms.  It is the democrats that hate our protected Constitutional rights not the least of which is our right to keep and bear arms by continually putting forward legislation to disarm the American public while forgetting how Abraham Lincoln approved the repeating rifle for Union troops to win the Civil War, and that Martin Luther King Jr. was a member of the N.R.A. It's not over yet because Democrats hate traditional marriage between a man and woman who usually produce children of good standing who become productive members of society as is evident by their putting forth legislation in favor of alternative relationships, promoting homosexuality which psychiatrists deemed mentally retarded since the 1800's.  The Democrats hate GOD by arguing for separation of church and state when in reality we are all granted by the Constitution Freedom of Religion.  It doesn't say freedom from religion yet the dummy Dem's like to pick and choose when it suits them.  Muslims are hot since 9/11 , we must not forget the New York city school which set aside a classroom for Muslim children to roll out prayer rugs and read their co ran while telling kids in the cafeteria that they couldn't say grace before lunch.  The Democrats hate babies by pushing legislation to legalize abortion which is a neat way of saying they allow for the murder of millions of children, potential good Americans any one of which could be President at a critical time, any one of which could cure cancer or save millions if they had lived.  Doctors cut up the fetus into chunks and stick into a baggie. The Democrats hate Freedom of the Press, Free Speech, any thing said by anyone using any media that counters their warped view of the world because the Truth about what they do, the Facts about who they are just can't stand scrutiny by honest, decent Americans who refuse to be duped. They hate our country.  No more obvious manifestation of that then the order to U.S. forces to stand down while our ambassador in Benghazi was dying of smoke inhalation due to terrorists attacking the embassy.  We all know who was in charge of the State Department at the time, and we all know who that particular person in that particular position no matter who it is reports to.  Just so happens their both Democrats, or dummy Dem's in you prefer, personally I like loony libs, or you can use the term that quite fits them best of all which is communists.  That's right, I said communists.  You take social programs implement them on a national scale and you get communism, you then appoint one person to run it all and you got Marxism, you put the powers of the law through the use of military and police on top of it and you go straight to Nazi Germany WWII which no body remembers, but they'd shit themselves if they did.  How about reading about it.  I recommend A Man called Intrepid.  It's an older read full of details which were kept secret for over thirty years before it was published, a real eye opener.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely remember.  That's probably why there are 600 F.E.M.A.  camps nation wide under the Emergency Management folks.  You know, just in case people get wind of what's going on and want to do something about it.  Very convenient for the army to round up such rowdy types and chuck the lot into concentration camps like the Nazi's did the Jews.  Here's another for you to think about.  While the world was at war in the forty's Hitler was getting money from big business in America and around the world.  They had a plan in case things went wrong to subvert the government and regain power.  The coincidences are amazing.  Stick Obommy in a fog grey uniform with jack boots and practice your salute.  All haters, and hate never dies.

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