Thursday, January 17, 2013

everything K.B.Miller cafe press

I just spent the better part of the last oh five hours helping the wife with her cafe press stuff promoting her book series and I think the fans who are ravenous will be pleased.  There is a large selection of merchandise with twitchy witchy kisses, proud member of the moon coven, and Haunted Moon cover pics on everything from tee shirts to golf balls, the pajamas for girls are particularly cute and the guys sweatshirts are cool.  Covers, and skins for electronics are also tastefully done, and I can't wait to order coffee cups for my friends.  Check out the link and browse the selection and don't forget to bookmark it because we are going to be adding artwork and updating daily. You fans have been terrific and we are awed by your devotion to the stories.  There's a lot more coming so keep an eye on K.B.Miller's  web site as well.  Thank you all for your support and thank you for sharing the links with your friends.  Don't forget to gift them to your loved ones these upcoming holidays too.  Keep Reading.