Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obama prepared for civil war from the beginning

For years now Obama has been preparing for civil unrest here in America.  He as a socialist, he whose mentality is most in line with that of past Nazi Germany, he who knows free Americans by and large will not support his lunatic ideas, is prepared to round up, and imprison you and me, you and your children, you and your family, friends, and loved ones, in order to get his way.  We just watched his administration force a government shutdown because they refused to negotiate with the Republican lead House of Representatives.  He is prepared to use any means at his disposal to turn America into a modern day Nazi Germany with himself in the role of a black Adolf Hitler.  He has gone so far as to request Russian troops to assist him in putting down opposition by force if necessary.  Obama has no problem turning America into Syria with civil war on the streets of every town if that's what it takes.  Contact your Representatives in the House, your Senators, your Congressman, and WOMEN!! We cannot allow the government to have this much power.  We all want what we want, and we all want what we can get for free, and some of us see the government as a great provider of free stuff, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.  We must get legislation drafted and passed that takes away government power to go to war with it's citizens.

Fema Concentration Camps throughout America

Contact your Congressman, your Senators, your representative's in the House, you do not want concentration camps here.  That is what happened under Nazi Germany.  That did not go well.  Some of you will remember, some of you read about it in history books, some of you are completely ignorant of this information from the past because liberal run public education doesn't like it to be taught in public schools due to the fact that reasonable people will not allow such things to happen here.  Ignorance is the main weapon of liberals trying to enact socialist agendas here in America.  I wouldn't be surprised if Obama has a NAZI uniform in his bedroom closet which he models once in a while imagining himself as the first black Adolf Hitler.  Both are short, both had inferiority issues, both looked to socialism to even the playing field in their delusional world because Lord knows no one is suppose to be able to pursue wealth and happiness, that is wrong, and bad in the mind of a socialist.  You better wake up America and get busy with legislation to dismantle the controls you've given the government.  Every government runs scared of a free population, because a free population has weapons to fight the government.  That leverage is the only one you've got to keep the president from turning into a swastika wearing, jackboot marching dictator.  Everything is in place right now to round up the civilian population by the train load and imprison them indefinitely.  Your target is FEMA, is Obama, is NSA.  Your freedom is an illusion if you are not involved with keeping it.  So pick up the phone, make the calls, and lets push for legislation to withdraw their power.  Keep America Free.