Friday, February 28, 2014

The Grand Alliance by Sir Winston Churchill

Another of the fine works from one of the world's greatest orators I beg you to bring forth from the past and into your home for it's content is of the highest caliber for study material for students, teachers, or anyone interested in the time period of World War Two.  This work is a sharp focus of events at the start of the conflict which is inclusive of conversational recollections, written orders to commanders in the field, and the correspondence between them and their masters.  The reader can enjoy the knowledge of who did what and how, when and why they did it and rest in supreme confidence that what they are reading is truthful thanks to the inclusion of captured documents, minutes of meetings, and letters.  Churchill takes you by the hand and is your personal tour guide through the time you thought you knew about for it is his time, his history which he duly recorded, and in no small way helped to create.  Buy all of Churchill's works and never forget.

The Anglo Files by Sarah Lyall

An enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable walk through the life of an American journalist and her integration into British society after she marries the love of her life an Englishman and relocates from New York city to London where she embarks on a new and interesting chapter in her existence. The quirks and customs she shares about those she encounters from strangers to neighbors, their differences in social behavior, and inherent habits of the islanders responsible for all the civilized world will have you giggling internally and occasionally externally as you read through some of the highlights of their lives together.  It's an entertaining not so recent release that's well worth your time. 

The Gathering Storm by Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was and still is in my humble opinion the greatest commander of the English word as seen from any politician past or present and to perhaps the one man where all the world is surely indebted for we see in this work all the enormous effort he had done on behalf of freedom loving people everywhere to be in the right place at the right time.  A chronicler for the ages through both world wars this is a collection that every student and teacher should consider  must in their study materials for it contains letters, memorandums, treaties, discussion, diary extracts, conversational recall, and tactics all telling the tale from the end o WWI up to the point of Chamberlains resignation and Churchill becoming Minister of Defense.  You will read of Hitler's beginnings of ally capitulations, of Germany's secret rearming process, what was going on with Spain, what happened in Munich, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Prague, Poland, and Norway.  And, you will see what had happened to the gallant French, perhaps for the first time how they fought to maintain a standing army to maintain a defense of their country only to be hindered by their neighbors and caught unawares.  It may come to mind that you may have read about history in school, but you knew nothing until you've  read Churchill's account.  You may also think to yourself that you need to own his works and review them frequently.