Friday, February 28, 2014

The Grand Alliance by Sir Winston Churchill

Another of the fine works from one of the world's greatest orators I beg you to bring forth from the past and into your home for it's content is of the highest caliber for study material for students, teachers, or anyone interested in the time period of World War Two.  This work is a sharp focus of events at the start of the conflict which is inclusive of conversational recollections, written orders to commanders in the field, and the correspondence between them and their masters.  The reader can enjoy the knowledge of who did what and how, when and why they did it and rest in supreme confidence that what they are reading is truthful thanks to the inclusion of captured documents, minutes of meetings, and letters.  Churchill takes you by the hand and is your personal tour guide through the time you thought you knew about for it is his time, his history which he duly recorded, and in no small way helped to create.  Buy all of Churchill's works and never forget.

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